Where to watch When Calls the Heart in Australia

Where to Watch When Calls the Heart in Australia

When Calls the Heart is a huge Hallmark Channel fan favourite in America. While we have no Hallmark Channel here in Australia the Hallmark Movies are very popular. 

I’ve written a list of where we can watch Hallmark Movies in Australia and  thankfully we can also watch When Calls the Heart here as well. Like the Hallmark Movies, it isn’t just on one channel.  You’ll have to go to a few different spots to find all the episodes.  This information is current as of  January 2023, as it changes I will update when necessary. 

When Calls the Heart has completed Season 9 on the Hallmark Channel America in May 2022. Filming has completed for Season 10. No premiere date as yet. 

GOOD. - Foxtel

The GOOD Channel on Foxtel has just finished airing the latest season, Season 9 in Australia.

They aired one episode a week, on Wednesday evenings. Once aired then that episode is available for 4 weeks on demand. The last 3 episodes of Season 9 are currently available to stream. 

Currently GOOD have started replaying Season 7. One episode a week and then available for 4 weeks afterwards. Then Season 8 will replay in July 2022 .

Season 9 will be re-airing on 26th September 2022.

You can head to GOOD. to sign up to their free streaming service if you don’t have Foxtel. 

Please note that GOOD. recently had a name change from ACCTV

Ten Play - Channel 10

Ten Play is part of the Channel 10 – a Free To Air channel. You can watch anything on Ten Play by signing up for free with an email address. Because it is for free it does mean there are adds dotted throughout.

When Calls the Heart Season 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are available to watch here on Ten Play. According to the website it is available until January 2023

Lionsgate+ - available through Prime Video

Lionsgate+ (formerly known as StarzPlay) is only available as an add on channel through Prime Video Australia.

Once you are a Prime Video subscriber – you can sign up to Lionsgate+ for an extra $3.99 a month. 

  • When Calls the Heart
    • Season 1 – 2014
    • Season 2 – 2015
    • Season 3 – 2016
    • Season 4 – 2017
    • Season 5 – 2018

Netflix Australia

When Calls the Heart Seasons 5 and 6 is currently available to stream on Netflix Australia

Unfortunately as of 1st Nov 2021 Netflix took off Seasons 1 to 4. I was hoping Netflix will add Season 7 soon but it’s not looking likely. I’ll be sure to update here if anything changes. 

Netflix has a monthly cost from $10.99 a month.

Where to Buy When Calls the Heart seasons online or DVDs

There are a few different places you can buy episodes or seasons online or DVDs. Prices are subject to change.

Apple TV / iTunes

  • When Calls the Heart Season 1 – 2014 – each episode to purchase 99 cents / Season of 12 episodes  $9.99
  • When Calls the Heart Season 2 – 2015 – each episode to purchase $3.49 / Season of 10 episodes $19.99
  • When Calls the Heart Season 3 – 2016 – each episode to purchase $3.49 / Season of 10 episodes $19.99
  • When Calls the Heart Season 4 – 2017 – each episode to purchase $3.49 / Season of 12 episodes $19.99
  • When Calls the Heart Season 5 – 2018 – each episode to purchase $3.49 / Season of 12 episodes $19.99

Edify Films online Store

Edify Store is an online store that sells When Calls the Heart in various volumes. They also sell other items like puzzles, colouring books, cookbooks, coffee mugs and tote bags.

Edify Store is an American store but they ship to Australia. Their website is in US dollars. I’m unsure what the shipping cost is. It’s also mentioned on the website that the DVDs are able to be played on Australian DVD players. I’ve listed examples of pricing below but they are subject to change.

  • When Calls the Heart Season 1 to 8 Boxed Set 
  • When Calls the Heart Season 1 to 5 Boxed Set 
  • When Calls the Heart Season 4 DVD Set 
  • When Calls the Heart Season 6 DVD set 
  • When Calls the Heart Season 7 DVD set 
  • When Calls the Heart Season 8
  • When Calls the Heart Season 9 now available for pre order  – expected release date is 25th October 2022
  • And many others

Amazon Australia

Amazon sells some When Calls the Heart DVDs. 

They are American stock that you purchase in Australian dollars on the Amazon Australia site and is sent from Amazon USA. If you are a Prime member, this will ship for free.

If you are not a Prime member, I suggest considering it as it’s a price of $6.99 a month (or $59 a year) and includes Prime shipping from Australia on any amount and International if you spend over $49. You also receive access to Prime Video streaming, which has many Hallmark Movies (I have a list here) as well as other benefits like a free kindle book a month (from a small list) and Prime Music. It’s pretty good value. You can check out the Prime membership here.

There are numerous When Calls the Heart DVD episodes and season variations but I listed a sample below:

If you need further information about Amazon, I have an article here: Store Spotlight: Amazon Australia


A lovely reader has advised that When Calls the Heart DVDs can be bought at Koorong

They have an online store as well as retails stores in around Australia. Check here for their locations. 

I had a quick peak and I see several When Calls the Heart DVDs available for sale online. 

Thank you CB for letting me know. 


When Hope Calls

A spin off series was made from When Calls the Heart called When Hope Calls. Only one season was made in 2019 and as of 23rd July 2021, it is being streamed on Stan Australia.

Just a reminder that I have a whole list of Hallmark Movies here where I list what Hallmark Movies are currently being able to be watched in Australia. I continually update this information to try and have the most up to date information on this website.

If you have any questions or want to let know me an update that you may know, feel free to contact me.

*For your information: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I also participate in other affiliate programs and may earn a small commission, this does not affect the price you pay. Thank you.

Written by Janelle, January 2021 – updated January 2023.