Store Spotlight: Amazon Australia

Amazon in Australia

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What is Amazon Australia?

One iconic American store that has come to Australia, albeit online, is Amazon Australia.

While Amazon Australia sells a lot of Australian products, they also sell many American items, including some that are sent from America.

Amazon sells products like clothes, groceries, stationery, toys, games, furniture and alcohol.

Something to know about Amazon Australia is that their prices increase and decrease all the time. Just because a pair of jeans was $20 yesterday doesn’t mean it will be $20 today or next week. A little frustrating yes but they do have great sales.

They don’t often advertise sales, they’ll just drop prices when they want. The Australia Amazon store does participate in Prime Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday though.

A tip I’ve noticed about Amazon Australia is that when the major supermarkets have major advertised specials, Amazon Australia will lower their price of those products to match the supermarkets price for the duration of the sale.

Not all supermarket products are available on Amazon Australia but if Amazon does sell it, then they’ll often match the price the supermarket sells it for. There is a slight catch though, they’ll have a minimum quantity order. Meaning to get that low price they’ll ask you to buy multiples of them.

Personally I don’t mind this as I often will buy multiples of the product anyway when it is on special.

What about shipping?

I can hear you asking about shipping. It’s true, it is something you need to consider.

I am a Prime member which is something I’ll explain in a moment but basically it means anything I buy is shipped for free.

Non-Prime members can get free shipping when they purchase over $39 worth of items.

Another thing to keep in mind that there are Amazon sellers on Amazon. That is not everything is shipped by Amazon. It has a marketplace that people can sell their items on. Some of these items do not come under Prime so isn’t eligible for the free shipping.

There are so many products on Amazon Australia, it is impossible to list all the American ones so I listed a few of my favourites:

And there are some products that is shipped from USA, you can tell these as it has ‘Ships by’ under the price and if it says Amazon USA then it’s coming from the States.

My favourite items I have purchased internationally on Amazon Australia are:

Again, if you are a Prime member, you can actually get free shipping on these items, from the USA if you spend over $49. The shipping can be fast too, the listing will give you the approximate time it will take to ship. During these times though be aware it may take longer than usual. 

You want to know about Prime Membership?

Quite simply, it’s signing up to Amazon Australia’s membership program. It costs $79 per year or $9.99 per month.

This is what you get for that price:

  • Free expedited shipping on all Amazon Australia Prime orders (each listing is marked)
  • Free International shipping on orders over $49 (each listing is marked)
  • Access to the Prime Video streaming service – which has lots of great movies and shows. Including A few Hallmark Movies which are hard to find to watch in Australia. Check my article ‘Where to watch Hallmark Movies in Australia’
  • Music Prime which is a music streaming service (I don’t use this)
  • Prime Reading – this gives you access to a heap of ebooks that you can borrow for free. Plus every month Amazon gives you a free book for your Kindle or Kindle App. You chose out of around 4-6 books.
  • Twitch Prime which is about gaming, I don’t use this either.
  • Early access to Prime Day deals.

You can read more about Prime membership  on the Amazon Australia’s website. It really is great value!

Prime Video

Prime Video is part of the Prime membership with Amazon Australia. It is a streaming service that you can access hours and hours of content of many movies and tv series.

There are numerous Hallmark and ‘Hallmark Like’ movies available. 

As of 9th November 2021, Prime Video has 12 new channels where you can subscribe to for a monthly fee and have extra content to watch. This is something that is already available in the USA and UK.

The additional channels are as follows:

  • Paramount+  – cost is $8.99 a month. Paramount+ also has a stand alone streaming service for the same price.
  • hayu – cost is $6.99 a month. Hayu has a stand alone streaming service for the same price.
  • Loinsgate+ – cost is $3.99 a month.
  • MGM – cost is $4.99 a month.
  • AMC+ – cost is $8.99 a month.
  • Acorn TV – cost is $6.99 a month. Acorn TV has a stand alone streaming service for $6.99 a month or $69 a year.
  • Shudder – cost is $6.99 a month.
  • OUTtv – cost is $3.99 a month.
  • iwonder – cost is $6.99 a month. iwonder is available as a separate streaming service for $6.99 a month or yearly for $69.90
  • DocPlay – cost is $7.99 a month. DocPlay is available as a stand alone service for $7.99 a month or $79.99 a year.
  • Love Nature – cost is $3.99 a month.
  • The Great Courses – cost is $7.99 a month

Prime Day

Something that is exciting that happens once a year is Prime Day. 

Prime Day is a particular day that Amazon has amazing specials across the whole site. Usually Prime Day is in July but in 2020 it was in October 13 and 14.

The Prime Days for 2023 are on 11th and 12th of July! Keep an eye out on my Instagram and Facebook pages for super specials I find. Or you can go straight over to the Prime section of Amazon Australia here to check out the specials yourself.

The specials are for Prime Members only so it’s a great time to sign up for Prime Membership! Not sure if it’s for you? You can try it out for free for one month. 

Happy Shopping! 

Prime Day 2023

Prime Day for 2023 will be 11th and 12th July 2022.

Written by Janelle in August 2020. Updated July 2023.