Where to Watch Hallmark Movies in Australia

Where to Watch Hallmark Movies in Australia

For the most up to date list of Hallmark Movies being shown in Australia, keep reading below!

Christmas Hallmark movies are very popular in America and for good reason, they are wholesome, child friendly movies. They are sometimes criticised as being too predictable but I think that’s part of their charm. You know what you are going to get. I love them because they are G or PG rated and can have them on while young children are around.

Several years ago we had the Hallmark Channel through Foxtel but sadly that disappeared. The Universal Channel replaced it but it has more content geared towards crime.

So how does an Aussie get to watch the famous Hallmark movies?

Unfortunately there is not a simple answer. There is no straight comparison. I actually emailed USA Hallmark about it and received a  ‘sorry, Hallmark Channel is only available in the USA’ reply back.

There are a few movies and tv series on different streaming services that are Hallmark but they must have sold the licence for those particular ones. 

Here is the list of Hallmark Movies I have found and where you can watch them, they are spread across the different streaming services we have available in Australia.

Please note that a VPN is NOT needed and these are legitimate legal ways to watch these movies here in Australia.

This list is current April 2021 and will be updated when necessary.

For your information: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I also participate in other affiliate programs and may earn a small commission, this does not affect the price you pay. Thank you.

If you are looking to buy Hallmark Movie DVDs to own, then please visit my article letting you know who sells the DVDs or digital copies here in Australia.

Prime Video

Prime Video – from Amazon Australia, part of the Prime membership, which I explain about in my Amazon Australia Store Spotlight post here. Prime Membership is $6.99 a month (or $59 when you pay for 12 months upfront) 

32 Hallmark Movies available to watch:

  • Lake Effects – 2012
  • Stranded in Paradise – 2014 
  • For Better or For Worse – 2014
  • A Gift of Miracles – 2015
  • The Reckoning – 2015
  • Anything for Love – 2016
  • Pumpkin Pie Wars – 2016
  • The Convenient Groom – 2016
  • Hearts of Spring  – 2016
  • Daters Handbook – 2016
  • JL Ranch – 2016
  • All for Love – 2017
  • A Royal Winter – 2017
  • Campfire Kiss – 2017
  • Eat, Play, Love – 2017
  • The Birthday Wish – 2017
  • Love Blossoms – 2017
  • Love, Once and Always – 2017
  • Like Cats and Dogs – 2017 
  • Love At The Shore – 2017 
  • My Favourite Wedding – 2017
  • Wedding March 2: Resorting to Love – 2017
  • Love on Safari – 2018
  • Love on the Slopes – 2018
  • Once Upon A Prince – 2018
  • One Winter Weekend – 2018
  • A Summer to Remember – 2018
  • Yes I Do – 2018
  • Cooking with Love – 2018
  • Love at Sea – 2018 
  • Royally Ever After – 2018 
  • Over the Moon in Love – 2019

27 Hallmark Christmas Movies

  • The National Tree – 2009
  • Oh Christmas Tree – 2013 (appeared on Hallmark as ‘Fir Crazy’)
  • Pete’s Christmas – 2013
  • A Cookie Cutter Christmas  – 2014
  • The Spirit of Christmas – 2015 
  • Family for Christmas – 2015
  • Ice Sculpture Christmas – 2015
  • Finding Father Christmas – 2016
  • Looks like Christmas – 2016
  • My Christmas Love – 2016
  • Love Always, Santa – 2016
  • The Mistletoe Promise – 2016
  • Hearts of Christmas – 2016
  • A Cinderella Christmas – 2016
  • A Christmas to Remember – 2016
  • A Heavenly Christmas – 2017
  • A Family for the Holidays – 2017 ( appeared on Hallmark as ‘Engaging Father Christmas’)
  • A Song for Christmas – 2017
  • A Gift for Christmas – 2017
  • Maggie’s Christmas Miracle – 2017
  • A Taste of Christmas – 2017 (appeared on Hallmark as ‘The Christmas Calendar’)
  • Mr.Christmas – 2017 (appeared on Hallmark as ‘The Perfect Present’)
  • Christmas Festival of Ice – 2017
  • Love Strikes Twice – 2017 (Appeared on Hallmark as ‘Second Chance Christmas’)
  • Enchanted Christmas – 2017
  • Her Magical Christmas – 2017 (Appeared on Hallmark as ‘Magical Christmas Ornaments’)
  • Christmas Encore – 2019

Prime Video through Amazon Australia

17 Hallmark Mystery Movies

These are murder mystery movies but very PG. They do show a dead body, but tastefully and in a scene or two in each movie someone can point a gun at another.

  • An Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Real Murders – 2015
  • An Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Dead Over Heels – 2017
  • An Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Bundle of Trouble – 2017
  • The Gourmet Detective – 2015
  • The Gourmet Detective: A Healthy Place to Die – 2015 
  • The Gourmet Detective: Death Al Dente – 2016 
  • The Gourmet Detective: Eat, Drink and Be Buried – 2017
  • Mystery 101 – 2019
  • Mystery 101: Playing Dead – 2019 
  • Mystery 101: Words Can Kill – 2019
  • Mystery 101: Dead Talk – 2019
  • Mystery 101: An Education in Murder – 2020
  • Picture Perfect Mysteries: Newlywed and Dead – 2019
  • Picture Perfect Mysteries: Dead Over Diamonds – 2020
  • Ruby Herring Mysteries: Silent Witness – 2019
  • Ruby Herring Mysteries: Her Last Breath – 2020
  • Ruby Herring Mysteries: Prediction Murder – 2020 
Where to watch When Calls the Heart in Australia


Netflix is a streaming service that starts at $10.99 a month

There are 5 Hallmark Movies and 3 Hallmark series available to watch!

  • When Calls the Heart series – Seasons 1 to 6
  • Chesapeake Shores – Seasons 1 to 4
  • Good Witch – Seasons 1 to 5
  • I’ll Be Home for Christmas – 2016
  • A Wish for Christmas – 2016
  • Christmas Made to Order – 2018
  • Christmas Wonderland – 2018
  • Romance on the Menu – premiering in USA on Hallmark Channel on April 24th 2021 as Hearts Down Under – 2020


Binge  only has a couple of movies at the moment, hope they get more. You can get Binge from $10 a month:

  • Crossword Mysteries: A Puzzle to Die For – 2019
  • Crossword Mysteries: Proposing Murder – 2019

ACCTV Channel

There is a free channel – ACCTV which which you can stream or watch through Foxtel a very few Hallmark shows and movies:


  • When Calls the Heart Season 8 starts 3rd March 2021


  • All of My Heart – 2015
  • All of My Heart: The Wedding – 2018


Stan is a streaming service that starts at $10 a month

There are 11 Hallmark Movies available to watch!

  • Let it Snow – 2013
  • A Perfect Christmas – 2016
  • Marry Me at Christmas – 2017
  • A Rose for Christmas – 2017
  • Welcome to Christmas – 2018 
  • A Shoe Addict’s Christmas – 2018
  • Merry & Bright – 2019 
  • Sister of the Bride – 2019
  • Check Inn to Christmas – 2019
  • A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas – 2019
  • A Christmas to Cherish – 2019 


Have you heard of Tubi yet?

It is another streaming service in Australia that is free. It does run ads though and doesn’t have a huge range but worth knowing about as I found a couple of Hallmark movies on there.

I’ve just downloaded it and will let you know what I think of it after watching the below 5 movies. 

  • All I Want for Christmas – 2007
  • Scents and Scentsibility – 2011
  • Naughty and Nice – 2014
  • A Christmas Kiss 2 – 2014
  • Charming Christmas – 2015


7plus is a free streaming service available to those in Australia. Because it is free it does mean there are advertisements dotted through the show.

So far I have found 1 Hallmark movie on 7plus:

Diehard fans of the All of My Heart movies know that this movie is the second on the series of 3. The other 2 are not listed here but we will take what we can get.

Channel 10 - 10play

Spotted 6 Hallmark Movies on the free 10play streaming service.

Acorn TV

Acorn TV is an American streaming service that streams shows from Britain and Australia amongst others. Thankfully Australians can subscribe to it if they wish. The cost is $6.99 a month or $69 a year.

There is the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries series  of Hallmark offerings on here though. 7 movies are available and more are streaming in the States now so it’ll be interesting of Acorn is updated with these soon:

  • Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: A Bone to Pick – 2015
  • Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Real Murders – 2015
  • Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Three Bedrooms: One Corpse – 2016
  • Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: The Julius House – 2016
  • Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Dead over Heels – 2017
  • Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: A Bundle of Trouble – 2017

Nine Honey Celebrity did an interview with Candace Cameron Bure who is the star of Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, as well as several other Hallmark Movies . In this article she reveals that there is due to be a Hallmark Movie being filmed in Australia in 2021! Candace will be starring in it. I can only hope that us in Australia get to see it.

Just Watch

A website that you can plug in the movie/tv show name to see where it is being shown in Australia is called Just Watch.

It’s a great website that is mostly up to date. Put in your selection and make sure that streaming in Australia is  selected. 

As I said, it’s mostly up to date but it’s a good indication of where a particular show to movie might be streaming. 

Your Local Library

One place you could check is your local library. My own local library has quite a few Hallmark Movies DVD available to loan. 

Some movies are ones that are available to stream but I’ve also seen several movies I’ve not seen at all. 

Hallmark Countdown to Christmas Book

Recently I bought myself the Hallmark Countdown to Christmas Book. It has some tidbits on how they make Hallmark Christmas Movies. It includes some Christmas Recipes and a few crafts. It has some lovely photographs.

It is very sweet and a great book to have for any Hallmark Movie fan. I bought mine from Amazon Australia. It came from the USA and as a Prime Member if I spent over $49 I receive free shipping (even from the US!) It took 10 days to get here and I just love it.

I did a quick google and there are Australian stores that sell it (although at a more expensive price)

Hallmark Countdown to Christmas Book

I hope you enjoy watching the Hallmark Movies . If you have come across any other Hallmark movies that you’d like to tell me about please drop me a line here or let me know via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

I have an article when I share where to Buy Hallmark Movies DVDs in store or online in Australia.