Hi, I'm Janelle


I am an Aussie living in Queensland and myself and my family have been to America a number of times. On our journey’s to the States we have discovered different foods and products that we love. And I have been able to find some of them in Australia. 

I know there are others that love American products like I do so I created this web site to help others out. 

Feel free to look around. If there is something you are trying to find in Australia that you love from America, I’d love to know. Drop me a line via my contact page or head over and visit me on Facebook, Twitter, Intagram and Pinterest.

The photo of me is when we were last in America in December 2018. Warner Bros Studios had a Stars Hollows event so this is me having a coffee from Luke’s Diner just like the  Gilmore girls!

June  2021 – I have opened an Etsy store called Treasured Printables where you can find some helpful printables for your 4th of July celebration or if you just want some USA themed items. I plan on doing more items so be sure to keep checking back to see what I have available for purchase.