USA 'Hallmark Like' Movies in Australia (June 2024)

The Hallmark Channel is not the only tv / movie channel that make movies that are very family friendly. Generally if you like the Hallmark Channel Movies, you’ll like the other movies that other channels in the USA show.

 They come from TV channels like GAC Family, Lifetime, UPTV, ION and even Netflix. 

There is a Canadian Channel called ‘Super Channel Heart and Home’ and alot of Hallmark Movies and series end up on that channel (lucky Canadians!). That channel also produces films they may end up on the streaming channel ‘Hallmark Movies Now’ (available in USA and UK). Those movies, when they come to Australia will be listed on this page. 

I’ve listed the ‘Hallmark Like’ movies below and which channel they originate from and where you can watch them in Australia. If you’d like to see a List of the Hallmark Channel Movies currently showing in Australia, I’ve written a list of them here.

USA 'Hallmark Inspired' Christmas Movies
USA 'Hallmark Inspired' Christmas Movies
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Prime Video on Amazon Australia

Prime Video is the streaming service from Amazon Australia, part of the Prime Membership which I explain about in my Amazon Australia post here. Prime Membership is $9.99 a month (or $79 when you pay for 12 months upfront). Prime Membership can be trailed for free for 30 days.

  • A Cinderella Christmas 
  • A Christmas Hero 
  • A Christmas Hero  (2 separate movies with the same title)
  • A Country Romance
  • A Honeymoon To Remember
  • A Love to Remember 
  • A Moving Romance
  • A Picture Perfect Wedding
  • A Random Encounter
  • The Rooftop Christmas Tree 
  • A Royal Christmas Engagement
  • A Slice of Chicago Romance 
  • A Snapshot of Forever 
  • A Valentine Carol 
  • A Vineyard Romance 
  • A Very Country Christmas 
  • A Wedding To Remember 
  • A Whirlwind Wedding
  • Baking All The Way
  • Baking Christmas
  • Been There All Along
  • Blueprint to the Heart 
  • Cabin Connection
  • Calling for Love 
  • Candy Cane Lane
  • Charm of Love
  • Christmas Coupon
  • Christmas in Carolina 
  • Christmas in the City
  • Christmas Matchmakers
  • Christmas Together
  • Cider And Sunsets
  • Cooking Up Love
  • Dancing Through Christmas
  • Dancing Through The Snow
  • Dating Santa
  • Dear Viola
  • Designed For Love
  • Exmas
  • Falling For the Competition
  • Farm to Fork to Love
  • Flowers and Honey
  • For The Love of Chocolate 
  • Hint of Love
  • Home For A Royal Heart
  • Hotel For The Holidays
  • How To Find Forever
  • It’s A Christmas Thing
  • Just For the Summer
  • Learning to Love Again 
  • Listen Out for Love 
  • Love Afloat 
  • Love And The Radio Star
  • Love Bubbles and Crystal Cove 
  • Love and Where To Find It 
  • Love At The Ranch
  • Love Finds You in Charm 
  • Love In Full Swing
  • Love In Translation
  • Love is a Piece of Cake 
  • Love Map
  • Love’s Match
  • Love on Sunset Terrance
  • Love On The Doorstep
  • Love on Trend 
  • Love Upstream
  • Love’s Second Chance 
  • Love Stories in Sunflower Valley 
  • Love’s Sweet Recipe 
  • Meet Me In New York
  • Middleton Christmas 
  • My Birthday Romance 
  • Our Dream Wedding
  • Paper Angels
  • Planning For Joy 
  • Reluctant Nanny 
  • Rocky Road 
  • Scented With Love
  • Snowbound for Christmas 
  • Something From Tiffany’s 
  • Staging Christmas 
  • Stars Fell on Alabama 
  • Stars Fell Again
  • Stepping Into Love
  • The Baby Proposal 
  • The Beauty of Love 
  • The Best Version Of Love
  • The Christmas Doodle 
  • The Love Issue
  • The Road Home For Christmas
  • The Singles Guidebook
  • The Soulmate Search
  • The PA And The Manhattan Prince
  • The Perfect Man(icure)
  • The Perfect Wedding Match
  • The Song To My Heart
  • The Wedding Arrangement 
  • The Wedding Fix 
  • The Wedding Ring 
  • What We Do For Love
  • When Duty Calls 
  • Win, Lose or Love 


Lionsgate+ (formerly known as StarzPlay) is only available as an add on channel through Prime Video Australia.

Once you are a Prime Video subscriber – you can sign up to Lionsgate+ for an extra $3.99 a month. 

  • All About Christmas Eve
  • A Wedding For Christmas

Netflix Australia

Netflix Australia is a streaming service that is available from $10.99 a month ($6.99 with ads)

  • A Brush With Christmas
  • A Castle for Christmas 
  • A Christmas Miracle for Daisy 
  • A Christmas Prince 
  • A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding 
  • A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby 
  • A Kindhearted Christmas 
  • A Merry Christmas Wish
  • Angel Falls Christmas 
  • A Perfect Pairing 
  • B&B Merry
  • Best. Christmas. Ever.
  • Catering Christmas
  • Christmas At The Drive In
  • Christmas Inheritance
  • Christmas Time Is Here
  • Christmas Wedding Planner 
  • Christmas with a View 
  • Christmas With You 
  • Choose Love
  • Falling for Christmas 
  • Falling Inn Love 
  • Fall Into Winter
  • Holiday in The Vineyards 
  • Holiday Rush 
  • I’m Glad It’s Christmas
  • Irish Wish
  • Love in the Villa 
  • Love Is In The Air
  • Midnight at the Magnolia 
  • Operation Christmas Drop 
  • Resort to Love 
  • The Holiday Calendar 
  • The Knight Before Christmas  
  • The Noel Diary
  • The Princess Switch 
  • The Princess Switch: Switched Again 
  • The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star
  • This Little Love of Mine 
  • The Royal Treatment 
  • Wedding Season


Stan is a streaming service available from $12 a month

  • 12 Pups of Christmas 
  • A Candlelit Christmas
  • A Christmas Crush 
  • A Christmas Break 
  • A Christmas In Switzerland
  • A Christmas Masquerade
  • A Christmas Surprise
  • A Match Made at Christmas
  • A Royal Christmas Match
  • A Snowy Christmas
  • A Very English Christmas
  • A Vineyard Christmas
  • Candy Cane Christmas
  • Christmas a La Carte 
  • Christmas on the Farm 
  • Christmas Unwrapped 
  • Christmas Casanova
  • Christmas In Washington
  • Coupled Up For Christmas
  • Dear Secret Santa
  • Falling In Love at Christmas
  • Fixing Up Christmas
  • Four Cousins and a Christmas
  • Ghosts of Christmas Past
  • Homemade Christmas 
  • Loving Christmas
  • Merry Magic Christmas
  • Me and Mr. Christmas
  • Mistletoe Match
  • Mom’s Christmas Boyfriend
  • My Favourite Christmas Melody
  • Saying Yes to Christmas 
  • Six Degrees of Santa
  • Snowed In For Christmas
  • Take A Chance at Christmas 
  • The Christmas Lottery 
  • The Christmas Retreat
  • The Fabric of Christmas
  • The Gift of Christmas 
  •  The Picture of Christmas 

Foxtel, Foxtel Now and Foxtel Go

  • A Christmas Wish
  • A Hollywood Christmas
  • Holiday Harmony
  • My Christmas Prince
  • Radio Christmas


Binge is a streaming service that is owned by Foxtel and has programs that are shown there. It is available from $10 a month.

  • A Hollywood Christmas

Binge also has some live channels that are shown on Foxtel, amongst them is Lifetime Movie Network channel. That channel sometimes airs Christmas Romance movies. But be warned, normal Lifetime Movies can have an evil twist. So definitely don’t watch them with the kids around.

Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is streaming service now available in Australia. Access costs from $9.99 a month. 

  • A Christmas Hero

Channel Nine

Nine Now is a streaming service that is available for free and there are ads. 

  • Meet Me In New York – airing Thursday 6th June 2024 at 12pm

Movies on Nine Now


WithLove is new to Australia from late 2023. They are owned by European company and offer Hallmark and Feel Good movies. Their movie library is not extensive and the monthly cost is $12.99 with the annual plan being $99 a year. Pricey for the small library they have but they  upload 2 new movies a week. They do offer a 7 day free trial. 

  • 10 Truths About Love
  • A Bestselling Kind Of Love
  • A Bet With The Matchmaker
  • Advance & Retreat
  • A Kiss For Christmas
  • Aloha With Love
  • A Love To Remember
  • A Match in Manhattan
  • A Perfect Match
  • Been There All Along
  • Bestselling Kind Of Love
  • Blue Moon Ball
  • Cabin Connection
  • Can’t Buy My Love
  • Christmas Movie Magic
  • Christmas On The Bayou
  • Christmas On The River
  • Christmas Plus One
  • Destination Christmas
  • Eat Love London
  • Falling For The Competition
  • Flowers and Honey
  • Hashtag Proposal
  • Home For A Royal Heart
  • How To Find Forever
  • Key To Love
  • Learning To Love
  • Law Of Attraction
  • Lease On Love
  • Listen Out For Love
  • Love And The Radio Star
  • Love For Starters
  • Love Hacks
  • Love, Game, Match
  • Love In Full Swing
  • Love In Harmony Valley
  • Love On Your Doorstep
  • Magical Christmas Shoes
  • Mechanics Of Love
  • Modeled With Love
  • My Birthday Romance
  • My Boss’ Wedding
  • My Favourite Christmas Tree
  • Our Take On Love
  • Planning For Joy
  • Planning On Forever
  • Picture Perfect Romance
  • Project Baby
  • Scented With Love
  • Secret Millionaire
  • Secret Summer
  • Sincerely, Yours Truly
  • Stepping Into Love
  • Styled With Love
  • Team Bride
  • The Beauty Of Love
  • The Best Version Of Love
  • The Christmas Contract
  • The Christmas Temp
  • The Engagement Plot
  • The Happiness Playbook
  • The Love Advisor
  • The Love Issue
  • The Love Subscription
  • The PA and The Manhattan Prince
  • The Perfect Man(icure)
  • The Single’s Guidebook
  • The Soulmate Search
  • The Wedding Contest
  • The Wedding Rule
  • What We Do For Love
  • Write Place, Write Time


Tubi is a free streaming service that we can use in Australia. It  has a lot of ‘different’ movies. There are some Hallmark Like movies on there you might enjoy, be aware it does show advertisements throughout:

  • A Chance for Christmas
  • A Christmas Kiss II
  • A Christmas Movie Christmas 
  • A Cinderella Christmas
  • Accidentally Engaged 
  • Accidentally Family
  • A Christmas Eve Miracle 
  • A Christmas Hero
  • A Christmas in Royal Fashion
  • A Christmas Love 
  • A Christmas Recipe For Romance
  • A Christmas Tree Miracle 
  • A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale
  • After The Storm
  • A Match Made at Christmas 
  • An Evergreen Christmas 
  • A Holiday Chance
  • A Law For Christmas
  • A Lot Like Christmas 
  • A Miracle on Christmas Lake 
  • Angels in the Snow
  • A New Husband for Christmas
  • Art of Falling in Love 
  • A Very Country Christmas Homecoming  (this movie is dubbed in Spanish)
  • A Wedding for Christmas 
  • Baby Bootcamp 
  • Back to Christmas 
  • Be Mine 
  • Beverly Hills Christmas 
  • Blue Moon Ball
  • Christmas at Holly Hotel 
  • Christmas Belle 
  • Christmas Catch 
  • Christmas Cheer
  • Christmas Coupon
  • Christmas Crush
  • Christmas in Palm Springs
  • Christmas in Paris 
  • Christmas in The City
  • Christmas Mail
  • Christmas on the Carousel
  • Christmas With A Prince: Becoming Royal
  • Coffee Shop
  • Country Christmas Album 
  • Cup of Love
  • Cupids Christmas 
  • Falling For Christmas
  • Finding Love in San Antonio
  • Forever Love
  • For Love Or Money
  • Frankie Meets Jack 
  • Girlfriends Of Christmas Past
  • Holiday Spectacular 
  • Holly’s Holiday 
  • Home Sweet Home 
  • Hometown Holiday
  • How Sarah Got Her Wings 
  • In-lawfully Yours
  • It Takes A Christmas Village
  • It’s a Fixer Upper 
  • Ivy & Mistletoe
  • Joy and Hope 
  • Learning To Love
  • Learning to Love Again 
  • Letters from the Heart 
  • Love Again
  • Love Finds you in Charm 
  • Love Finds You in Sugarcreek
  • Love Finds You in Valentine
  • Love In The Vineyard 
  • Love’s Kitchen 
  • Love On The Rise
  • Meet My Valentine 
  • Merry Christmas Baby 
  • Merry Kissmas
  • Mistletoe Time Machine 
  • Most Wonderful Time 
  • My Perfect Romance 
  • My Santa 
  • Naughty or Nice
  • Nearly Married 
  • Riverfront Romance 
  • Runaway Romance 
  • Santa’s Promise 
  • Saving Santaland 
  • Santa’s Got Style
  • Snow 
  • Snow Brain Freeze 
  • Snowbound for Christmas 
  • Sweet Sunshine 
  • The Christmas Challenge
  • The Christmas Pitch
  • The Christmas Pledge
  • The Perfect Kiss 
  • The Spruces and the Pines 
  • Winter Wedding


GOOD. (previously known as ACCTV) is a Christian TV channel and is available online on You can watch it like the other streaming channels. GOOD. is also a channel on Foxtel that has scheduled programming. 

Movies available for streaming:

  • Farm to Fork to Love 
  • Plus One At An Amish Wedding –
  • Finding Love in San Antonio
  • Finding Normal


Disney+ (Disney Plus) is a streaming service that is available from $11.99 a month. Disney+ is not just a service with Disney movies. Although they have all of them. In Australia we also have the ‘Star’ service within Disney+ which is a lot of movies and shows for adults. I have found the following:

  • Snowglobe 
  • 12 Dates of Christmas
  • The Mistle-tones

SBS On Demand

  • A Chance For Christmas


A regular reader (thanks DM!)  alerted me to Beamafilm, a smaller independent streaming service. It can be accessed through many libraries or it has a 30 day free trail with a charge after that. Which I am having trouble finding, probably because I signed up through my library. There are a handful of Hallmark Like movies, many of which can be found on Tubi. (or Netflix or Prime)

  • A Very Country Christmas – 2017 – UPtv
  • A Christmas Catch – 2018 – UPtv
  • Hometown Holiday – 2018 – UPtv
  • Christmas with a Prince – 2018 – UPtv
  • Christmas with a Prince: Becoming Royal – 2019 – UPtv
  • A Very Country Wedding  – 2019 – UPtv
  • Love By Accident – 2019 – UPtv
  • After the Storm – 2019 – UPtv
  • Art of Falling in Love – 2019 – UPtv
  • Love Alaska – 2019 – UPtv
  • Snowbound for Christmas – 2019 
  • Christmas Recipe for Romance – 2019
  • Christmas in Paris – 2019 – UPtv
  • Love in Harmony Valley – 2020 – UPtv


Plex îs a free streaming service which means there are advertisements throughout the show when being watched. You can access it online and it’s also available on smart tvs and I find it not user friendly and clunky.

  • The Road to Christmas 
  • A Christmas Snow 
  • Holiday Breakup
  • A Christmas Proposal
  • Love’s Kitchen
  • The Christmas Pitch 
  • It Takes a Christmas Village


I found a couple of legal channels featuring ‘Hallmark Like’ movies.

Nicely Entertainment

Mediatime Network

Johnson Production Group


Brain Power Studio

ACI on the Go

Family Central – a YouTube channel that shows movies under license

YouTube Movies (Official YouTube Channel)

Movie Central – A Youtube Channel that shows movies under license

Great! Movies Romance – a UK tv channel showing movies under licence

Chicken Soup For The Soul TV



Fetch is a box that combines free tv, streaming services, subscription services and paid movies. 

The paid movies do change, I list those I find below

Where to Buy 'Hallmark Like' DVDs and Digital Movies

Like the Hallmark Movies, the ‘Hallmark Like’ movies can also be bought on DVD or as a digital copy. I’m not going to list every single movie and where to buy it ( I did for the Hallmark Movies which you can check out here) but here is a list of the retailers and places you can purchase them. Search under the categories Christmas, Romance, Drama and Family.

For your information: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you.

Written by Janelle – July 2020 – Updated June 2024.