Halloween in Australia

Halloween in Australia

Halloween is a loved American tradition even though technically the origins are Celtic from Ireland and the United Kingdom. Eventually the traditions made their way to American soil and most people believe it is an ‘American Tradition’

It seems that each passing year in Australia, more and more Halloween decorations, candy and trick or treaters emerge.

I thought I’d share where I’ve saw the Halloween decorations and themed food and lollies for 2020.

I’ll update this for 2021 when it gets closer to that time.

Halloween in Australia
Halloween in Australia

Retail Stores


See their website for their Halloween offerings this year. They have a range of decorations, cupcake decoration kits including sprinkles.


Check out their website and you can see there are lots of Halloween items. There are themed serviettes, cups, pumpkins, trick or treat buckets, decorations, costumes and masks.


I can only go by what I’ve seen online and they have had costumes and decorations. The Costco website has very little left at time of publishing. (Oct 5 2020)

TK Maxx Halloween
TK Maxx Australia

TK Maxx

I went in store last week of September and there was not too much there at all. Few mugs and decorations and that’s it. TK Maxx does not have an online store. Click on my list of American Stores here in Australia for a list of the TK Maxx stores in Australia or head to their website.


Their website shows a huge range of Halloween costumes, decor, books and clothing.


They have a whole range available online and instore. Costumes, pet costumes, candy and decorations.

Big W

The Big W website has a large range of costumes, decorations, party goods and candy.

Best and Less

This clothing retailer have a great range of t-shirts, pjs and costumes for kids and adults.

The Reject Shop

I have not visited in store as yet but there are a few items on their website.

Halloween themed candy and food products

Something I love about the USA is the way they do themed food and candy for each season and celebration.

Australia seems to slowly catch onto this, personally I love themed food and candy so bring it on!

For Halloween this year I have seen:

Cadbury Freddo Frogs Slime Sharepack from Coles

Skittles Zombie Funsize from Coles

Goldfish Cheddar Halloween Edition Multipack – from USA Food

Eyeballs, Chicken Feet and Sour Spiders from Kmart

Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkin and Cadbury Screme Eggs from Joy’s Delights

Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkin, Cadbury Screme Eggs from Funworks Lolly Shop

Reese’s White Chocolate Peanut Butter, Reese’s Franken Cup Peanut Butter, Reese’s Glow in the Dark wrappers Peanut Butter Cup, Reese’s Pumpkin Pieces Peanut Butter Cups from Lollies n Stuff.

Halloween Events

If you happen to be on the Gold Coast Queensland for October then you can visit Sea World and Dreamworld for Halloween events.

Sea World has Spooky Nights for selected nights in October. Checking their website I see some nights are already sold out.  2021 update – Spooky Nights is returning in 2021! 

Dreamworld has Happy Halloween event for select nights in October, the majority are sold out at this stage (5th Oct 2020). My family and I went in 2019 and it was excellent.

Movie World didn’t have their usual Halloween event in 2020 but a 2021 update is that that Fright Nights is coming back for 2021.

Feel free to send to send me a message if you find Halloween goodies in other stores, I would love to add them to this article to help others.

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Happy Halloween!