Where Can I Buy Hallmark Movie DVDs in Australia?

Where to buy Hallmark Movies in Australia

Where can I buy the Hallmark Movies from America’s Hallmark Channel in Australia? Not only can you watch Hallmark Movies in Australia, via streaming, you can also buy DVDs of the movies and series to watch at home!

Read on to find out where you can buy them – and which titles! Including many favourites from Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel.

Amazon Australia

There are a lot of Hallmark Movies DVDs available to buy on Amazon Australia. You can do a search of ‘Hallmark Movies’ on Amazon to see what is available or click here to take you straight there.

When looking on Amazon Australia, you’ll see the DVDs will be sent from either Australia and America. If you have a Prime Membership ($5.99 a month/$59 a year: includes Prime Video!) the shipping will be free if buying from Australia and to get free international shipping you need to spend over $49. Let me know if you have further questions about that, be happy to explain it in more detail if needed. Or you can also check out my article Store Spotlight: Amazon Australia. 

A note about the DVDs, some are NTSC region and I believe you should be able to view them on an Australia DVD player but be warned, there is no guarantee they will play and if you buy them it’s at your own risk. 

For your information: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I also participate in other affiliate programs and may earn a small commission, this does not affect the price you pay. Thank you

Here are some titles I have found shipped from Amazon Australia:

Here are some Hallmark Movie DVDs that I found shipped via Amazon Australia from America:

Amazon Australia Prime Video Store

Amazon Prime Video also has a store that you can rent or buy movies. On occasion I’ve come across Hallmark ones like:

  • Return to Christmas Creek  – Rent for $4.99 and buy for $14.99
  • A Valentine’s Match – 2020 – Rent for $6.99 and buy for $19.99

iTunes Store

I found a couple of Hallmark Movies available on iTunes:

  • Window Wonderland – 2013 – $4.99 to rent and $14.99 to buy
  • So You Said Yes – 2015 – $4.99 to rent and $14.99 to buy
  • Valentine Ever After – 2016 – $3.49 to buy
  • Love’s Complicated – 2016 – $3.49 to buy
  • Marry Me at Christmas – 2017 – $3.49 to buy
  • Deliver By Christmas – 2020 – $3.49 to buy
  • Country at Heart – 2020 – $6.99 to rent and $17.99 to buy
  • A Valentine’s March – 2020 – $6.99 to rent and $17.99 to buy

And I found a series for  purchase:

  • When Calls the Heart Season 1 – 2014 – each episode to purchase 99 cents / Season of 12 episodes  $9.99
  • When Calls the Heart Season 2 – 2015 – each episode to purchase $3.49 / Season of 10 episodes $19.99
  • When Calls the Heart Season 3 – 2016 – each episode to purchase $3.49 / Season of 10 episodes $19.99
  • When Calls the Heart Season 4 – 2017 – each episode to purchase $3.49 / Season of 12 episodes $19.99
  • When Calls the Heart Season 5 – 2018 – each episode to purchase $3.49 / Season of 12 episodes $19.99

You Tube Store

You can purchase/rent  some movies on You Tube.

I have found 2 Hallmark Movies on You Tube so far:

  • So You Said Yes – 2015 – $3.99 to rent / $12.99 to buy
  • Christmas Town – 2019 – rent $5.99 / buy $19.99


JB HiFi is an electronics and music store that sells Hallmark DVDs!

Here is a list of the  Hallmark DVDs available for sale:

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries


Sanity the music and dvd store has a list of Hallmark Movie DVD sets:

Big W

Surprisingly Big W has had some Hallmark titles on DVD. These now seem to be sold out except for the one below. 

I’ll keep these here so you are aware that Big W can be a place to get Hallmark Movies on DVD and I’ll keep checking to see if anymore come available for sale.

I hope you enjoy watching the Hallmark Movies . If you have come across any other Hallmark movies that you’d like to tell me about please drop me a line here or let me know via FacebookInstagram or Twitter.