Tradition Spotlight: Celebrating 4th of July in Australia

Celebrating 4th July Australia
Celebrating 4th July Australia
Celebrating 4th July Australia

How to Celebrate 4th of July in Australia

Fourth of July in America is Independence Day and is celebrated far and wide in the US. Family and friends gather together and have a cookout, BBQ or picnic. 

As it’s not an Australia holiday then it’s not celebrated here by the general community. There are expats from America who like to celebrate it so will invite their family and friends to do so with them. There are some retail stores that have food and decorations that can help you out if you are celebrating. 

To find American food goodies, check my article about where to find American food favourites in Australia here.


However Aldi gets a special mention as they have American food on special a week before the Fourth of July. Usually all food products like Lays, Pop-Tarts, Giant Marshmallows, candy bars and french fried onions.


USA party decorations are easier to come by these days, usually from those stores that sell only party decorations and you can generally find some kind of American themed costume from these places as well:

Places like Kmart, Big W, Target, Reject Shop and Spotlight will have single coloured items available. 


Etsy is an absolute treasure trove of handmade products. For the 4th of July celebration, you can find decorations, printables and clothing to help you celebrate.

I have my own etsy store with some 4th of July printables available for purchase to help you with your 4th of July celebration! It’s called Treasured Printables and you can check it out here. It is only new but I plan on adding more items to it soon. 


Pinterest is an amazing search website that can help with ideas for your 4th of July party. I have a Pinterest board where I have started adding pins to great 4th of July blog posts. Check out my pinterest board here.

Celebrations in Australia 2021

Official celebrations in Australia, more will be added once found. Please be aware that tickets may need to be required at the below events!

Be sure to check my American Themed Restaurants, Cafes and Diners page to see the list of places around Australia I have found to have American themed food and drinks. Many of them may decide to have a 4th of July special closer to the date.


New South Wales


Western Australia

Disclaimer: Please be aware that events may need to be cancelled or postponed according to the COVID situation in each state.

Please feel free to let me know of any other Australian 4th of July events by sending me a message through my contact form here