Super Bowl in Australia

Super Bowl in Australia

USA’s most famous sporting event, The Super Bowl,  is scheduled to be held 11th February 2024 (EST) at the Allegisnt Stadium, Las Vegas.  For us here in Australia, that means it will be on Monday 12th February 2024 at 10.30 AEDT.  The 2 teams fighting it out are the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

Channel 7 will broadcast it live and there are places around Australia that will also be having Super Bowl events. The half time show is iconic and  it has been announced that Usher will be part of the show.

Around Australia, several bars, pubs and restaurants will be holding their own events. I’ve listed the ones I come across below. Some are free, some are charging for the event which includes drinks and food of some aspect. The majority require bookings and please be mindful that events can change at the last minute.

New South Wales


Western Australia