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Hamptons in Australia

I fell in love with Hamptons Style when I saw the movie, ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson. I drooled over the holiday house that belongs to the character Diane Keaton plays. That kitchen! That writing space! Just amazing.

One of my favourite blogs, ‘Hooked on Homes’ featured the house in a post here  titles: ‘Somethings Gotta Give Hamptons Beach HouseIt’s a great post showing screen shots of it and the blog has many houses featured in TVs and movies, it’s great to check out if that sort of thing interests you.

I’ve never been to the Hamptons in America but this style home soon became my dream home style. When my husband and I were building our first home several years ago, I badly wanted a Hamptons Style Home or American style home and while we could have built one by way of an architect and custom builder, it’s not something that fit could our budget.

Fast forward to today and the Hamptons Style of home is something that is available to build as the Hamptons Style has hit Australia! Oh this makes me so happy! I love staring at Pinterest and Instagram for hours seeing all the Australian Homes that have the Hamptons Style. So many builders now have a Hamptons facade that you can have on your own. Hamptons decor style items are more readily available also to make the home completely Hamptons inspired if desired.

Australian House Builders with Hamptons Style and/or Facade - by state


New South Wales

Australian Capital Terrority

  • McDonald Jones
  • G.J. Gardner
  • Storybook Designer Homes



  • G.J. Gardner
  • Storybook Designer Homes

South Australia

Western Australia

  • G.J. Gardner
  • Plunkett Homes – Hamptons facade options on designs
  • Oswald Homes – several designs and facades based on the Hampton look
  • Novus Homes – offers different facades to create the Hamptons look

Hamptons Decor Style

There can be a little discussion in what Hamptons style is for home decor. All white or white and navy? Do walls have to be baten? Gold, black or chrome tapware?

I’m no expert. I know what I like though. If you are looking for some guidance know there are a couple of articles I found that were helpful.

And here is a list of stores that sell Hamptons Style furniture and decor items:


The Hamptons style is so popular in Australia and as such there are many people sharing their homes and decor on Instagram and online. I thought I’d share a few of my favourites here:

These lists are by no means exhaustive; I’m aware there are many more home builders, decor and furniture sellers and people sharing their Hamptons inspiration. This article will be updated when I discover more Hamptons in Australia vibes!

Thank you for reading, I would love to hear from you if you want to share your own Hamptons journey or know of any other home builders or Hamptons style sellers. Please contact me via this form or visit me on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest

Written by Janelle, May 2021. Updated May 2023