Where to find Disney in Australia

Disney in Australia

The Disney love in Australia is real.

I remember when we had the Disney stores in Australia, can anyone else remember them? I had to look it up when it was, Wikipedia tells me that the first store opened in 1992 and then all 16 Australian locations closed in 2003.

My first son was born after the Disney stores closed and all I wanted was to buy him Mickey items. And I couldn’t, there was no Disney anywhere in  Australia so if I wanted anything I had to get it off eBay or somehow get it posted from USA. I actually emailed Disney Australia to not reopen stores as such but put them into Kmart and Target and I was told to ‘watch this space’

And wow! She was right. Now there is Disney everywhere! I know that there are still some items people cannot get in Australia but thank goodness there is something. I even got Mickey pj’s from Peter Alexander!

Where can you get Disney items?

Big W  – Books, toys, Lego, activity sets, scooters, quilt cover sets, puzzles, kids clothes, baby clothes, Mickey sippy cups, lip smackers, kids and adults dress ups, dvds, adults t-shirts, kids sunglasses, kids bags and wallets, and the list does go on.

Kmart – There is this range of cute wooden toys that look great. There are also books,Lego, toys and kids accessories. 

Target – Books, dvds, kids and baby’s clothes and underwear, cars, toys, flip out sofas, kids dress ups

Peter Alexander – Pj’s for the whole family

Cotton On – Kids t-shirts

Typo – Socks, pins, notebooks, tech accessories

Factorie – a whole Disneyland Resort range like tops, socks and caps

David Jones – Dolls, lanterns, baby clothes, collectable figures, toys, Lego, jewellery, kids dressups, notebooks, luggage tags, pot holder, traveller mugs, drink bottles, kids clothes, pins

Zing – So many Pops! Lots  of other collectables including mugs, bags, figurines, t-shirts, socks, notebooks, jewellery, wallets, pencil cases

Spotlight – Quilt covers, fabric

Woolworths Supermarkets – This year  Woolworths had the collectable Disney Ooshies. They also have  sultanas, bath products and Christmas decorations.

Coles Supermarkets – Toothbrushes, edible icing decoration, band aids and Christmas decorations. 

Costco – Also online – they have some online only items as well as luggage, baby clothes and Pop!

Myer – Watches, Lego, ladies clothes, toys, quilt covers, cushions and online only personalised t-shirts

Daiso – stationery

Pottery Barn Kids – quilts, plates, towels, bags and lunch bags

Amazon Australia – Books, puzzles, games, toys, Lego, figurines, baby accessories, clock, kids costumes, dvds

Short Story (online) – Diffusers, earrings, lamps, candle holder, lanterns, trinkets

Catch.com.au – Hair products, tissues, electric toothbrush, books, toys, mugs, quilt covers, containers, puzzles, sanitiser, drink bottles, crayola packs, pens, party items

MightyApe  (online) – Pop! figurines, books, games, dvds, wrapping paper, cards, mugs, lanterns, framed art, trinkets, bags,bath items, snowglobes

Toys R Us (online) – Figurines, Lego, toys, books, containers, kids dressups

Asos – clothing and decor plus makeup

Party Savers – As the name suggests, for all things party. Princesses and Mickey parties covered. 

Disney+ – I cannot neglect mentioning Disney’s own streaming service and the best part is that all the shows and movies that are on Disney+ in America are on Disney+ in Australia.

There are also a few Disney fans on social media who are quick to show new Disney products once released in Australia. 

Here are some of my favourites:

Instagram – Disney Mum Australia

Instagram – Cortneys Disney Life

Instagram – Aussie Disney  Lover

Instagram – Disney Girls Stuck in Oz

Instagram  – Coffee and Carousels

The good part is that I am constantly seeing new Disney products in the stores, it is hard to keep up with them. Feel free to contact me if you want to let me know anything you’ve seen.