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American Stores Shipping to Australia: iHerb

iHerb Shopping in Australia
American Store Shipping to Australia

There are times where we just cannot get what we want in Australia. There are a small number of American websites that will deliver to Australia.

One of them I use often is iHerb.

This is a great website to get vitamins and protein products. Typically I buy gluten free items from here that I cannot get in Australia.

My favourites include:

  • Kettle Potato Chips – the New York Cheddar chips are so good!
  • Celestial Tea Bags – I love trying new flavours, around Christmas time they have the Peppermint Candy Cane flavour.
  • Walden Farms Ranch Dressing
  • Enjoy Life food products 
  • Annie’s Gluten Free Macaroni and Cheese
  • Mary’s Gone Crackers
  • Peanut Butter & Co – so many yummy flavours
  • Larabars – I love these and get them every order. 
  • Yum Earth – gluten free licorice
  • Mrs Meyers cleaning products

iHerb display prices and charge in Australia dollars and post items straight to you. There is also free shipping for orders over AU$56 . Yes free shipping! There is a maximum weight limit of 4.53kg so keep that in mind. They package the items well and the shipping usually arrives within 2 weeks. 

They also have a rewards program where you can share a referral link with your friends and if they use that link to purchase products through iHerb then you will get 5% of their net total order. Pretty cool hey? And yes I have a referral link – thanks for asking. Click here if you wish to use it  then add my referral code BGG506 as you checkout. (I can’t directly link the link with the code) and you get 5% off your order!

A few things to note: potato chips will arrive a little crushed, it’s something that doesn’t bother me.

If you are a coeliac then check the ingredients, as America has different food labelling laws and they include oats as being gluten free. They also include items being processed in the same factories as gluten free – so check those labels.

Also be sure to check what you are ordering complies with Australian (or your own country’s) custom laws.